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Particle swarm optimization

The latest issue of Swarm Intelligence is now available featuring this paper “A speculative approach to parallelization in particle swarm optimization.” The original formulation of PSO is due to Kennedy, J., Eberhart, R. C., with Shi, Y. (2001). Swarm Intelligence. Morgan Kaufmann. AntArtificial LifeParticle SwarmSwarm intelligence

Call for Papers – Stigmergy

Stigmergy – the phenomenon of indirect communication mediated by modifications of the environment – was first conceptualized by zoologist Pierre-Paul Grasse in his ground-breaking work on termite colonies (Grasse 1959). It wasn’t until 1999 that Grasse’s work was brought to a wider audience by Eric Bonabeau et al (1999) in a special issue of Artificial…

Hayek: Cognitive scientist Avant la Lettre

My published article is now available from here. Check out the full table of contents for this volume.

Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)

Check out the Editorial (and of course the full issue) for the special issue on Particle Swarm Optimization from the new journal Swarm Intelligence. This issue is edited by two of the most prominent luminaries in the field – Andries Engelbrecht and Jim Kennedy. The former is the author of Fundamentals of Computational Swarm Intelligence; the latter,…

Hayek: cognitive scientist avant la lettre

Here is the uncorrected proof of my essay – do not cite.

Momento’s Revenge

I’ve read just about everything by Andy Clark – as I’ve said several times before he is a superb stylist and is philosophy at its most lively. Some years back I read his paper Memento’s Revenge: Objections and Replies to the Extended Mind. I don’t recall having seen the film that Andy references in his paper;…

Computer Simulations in Social Epistemology

The latest issue of EPISTEME is now available – the theme is computer simulations – an topic that is seeing a great deal of growth.  Alexander RieglerCarlo MartiniGerhard SchurzIgor DouvenJ. McKenzie AlexanderJan SprengerKevin J. S. ZollmanPaul HumphreysRainer HegselmannStephan HartmannUlrich Krause