Closer to Truth: Consciousness

I’m pleased to have discovered a superb website that accompanies the PBS series Closer to Truth.

The definitive series on the latest advances in brain, mind, free will, personal identity, alien intelligence, parapsychology, afterlife, and brain-mind critical thinking.

Interviewer Robert Lawrence Kuhn does a super job of guiding the discussion for a lay audience and pretty much picks up where Brian Magee left off some 20 years ago in a series of programes for the BBC (and, I think, Channel 4). The interest here is on the selection of programs devoted to consciousness:

Why is Consciousness so Mysterious?

Why is Consciousness Baffling?

Is Consciousness an Illusion?

What’s the Essence of Consciousness?

What’s the Meaning of Consciousness?

Is Consciousness Fundamental?

Is Consciousness Irreducible?

Is Consciousness an Ultimate Fact?

What is the Mind-Body Problem?

Why a Mind-Body Problem?

Solutions to the Mind-Body Problem?

What are Brains?

How are Brains Structured?

What do Brains Do?

How do Brains Function?

How do Human Brains Work?

How Do Human Brains Think and Feel?

Can Brain Explain Mind?

How are Brains Conscious?

What Makes Brains Conscious?

How Brain Scientists Think about Consciousness

Among the luminaries interviewed include David Chalmers, Daniel Dennett, Hubert Dreyfus, Kristof Koch, Colin McGinn, Alva Noë, Roger Penrose, and John Searle and others besides. Here is the link to the video archive.