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Doing things with music

Two items of note (at least for me) from the excellent Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences: great to see this journal flourishing. I recall a correspondence with an eminent emeritus professor of philosophy at McGill around 2000 who nearly had a coronary when I told him of my interest in phenomenology (he’s still with us…

Consciousness, plasticity, and connectomics: the role of intersubjectivity in human cognition

Check out this just published paper by Micah Allen and Gary Williams in the open access journal Frontiers in Psychology. Consciousness is typically construed as being explainable purely in terms of either private, raw feels or higher-order, reflective representations. In contrast to this false dichotomy, we propose a new view of consciousness as an interactive,…

Extended Mind – Bumper Issue

Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences has published a bumper themed issue devoted to EM as well as other related theses, now collectively known as 4E. There is a “whose who” of contributors including the old firm Adams and Aizawa, Barnier, Sutton, Menary, Sterelny, Harris and others. This promises to be a super “must read” collection. Congrats…

The New Science of the Mind

Here’s a soon to be released book written by Mark Rowlands one of the major extended mind/situated cognition players. Let’s hope the proofing is significantly better than what has been coming out of MIT Press of late. This book will be reviewed by Michael Madary in The Journal of Mind and Behavior.

The Character of Consciousness

Surely the biggest publishing event in mind – well since this one.

Mind in Life

I’ve just completed reading Evan Thompson’s Mind in Life: Biology, Phenomenology, and the Sciences of Mind, a work which I heartily endorse as the best statement yet of the enactivist theory of mind. I especially like his taking on the philosopher’s zombie and his chapter on Empathy and Enculturation. Last, but by no means least,…

The Social Science of Hayek’s The Sensory Order

Here are the publisher’s details for this soon-to-be released volume that includes my paper “Hayek: cognitive scientist avant la lettre“

The Bionic Body

As is usual for the National Geographic, here is a super article beautifully illustrated on the latest developments in bionics. Check out the hard copy for more detailed case studies and real world applications.

Closer to Truth: Consciousness

I’m pleased to have discovered a superb website that accompanies the PBS series Closer to Truth. The definitive series on the latest advances in brain, mind, free will, personal identity, alien intelligence, parapsychology, afterlife, and brain-mind critical thinking. Interviewer Robert Lawrence Kuhn does a super job of guiding the discussion for a lay audience and pretty…

Being Heidegger

Simon Critchley has the first of an eight-part series of blog postings on Heidegger’s Being and Time. Will he discuss the influence Heidegger has had on non-Cartesian cognitive science? We will see. Unlikely as it sounds, Gilbert Ryle’s critical notice (Mind XXXVIII 1929, 355-370) warmly welcomed Sein und Zeit despite the inherent difficulties of the work…