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Knowledge Wants to be Free: From Hayek to the Hacker

My talk “Knowledge Wants to be Free: From Hayek to the Hacker” for the 2010 Wirth Conference at Simon Fraser University October 15 & 16, 2010 on “Austrian Views on Experts & Epistemic Monopolies.”  I think the talk went down OK. Good to see some old friends and make new friends. Thanks to Wirth for sponsoring the…

Synthetic Genome

Here is the Science announcement that is causing quite a stir. This is “a defining moment in the history of biology and biotechnology,” says Mark Bedau, a philosopher at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, and editor of the scientific journal Artificial Life. “It represents an important technical milestone in the new field of synthetic genomics,” says yeast biologist Jef Boeke of Johns Hopkins University…

André Kukla

Here’s an interview with André Kukla plugging his book (see above) from 2006 (which I’ve only just come across). I know Kukla through his technical philosophical work: two titles remain vivid to me. Social Constructivism and the Philosophy of Science and Studies in Scientific Realism. The former was a well-needed tough-minded antidote to the vulgar relativism…

The Bionic Body

As is usual for the National Geographic, here is a super article beautifully illustrated on the latest developments in bionics. Check out the hard copy for more detailed case studies and real world applications.

Hayek: cognitive scientist avant la lettre

Here is the uncorrected proof of my essay – do not cite.

Brain Science Podcast

I want to give a plug to the excellent resource that is the Brain Science Podcast website so passionately managed by Ginger Campbell. There is even an iPhone app now available though I haven’t used it yet.

Oakeshott on Religion, Science and Politics

The recent Zygon symposium on Oakeshott on religion, science and politics is now available as a free download. Click here and scroll down to the REFLECTING ON MICHAEL OAKESHOTT section.