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Hayek and the “Use of Knowledge in Society”

Here is a draft of my entry for the SAGE Encyclopedia of Philosophy and the Social Sciences. Hayekuse of knowledge in society

Friedrich Hayek

Born on this day in 1899

An experimental study of blind proficiency tests in forensic science

Check out the very important work being done by Roger Koppl and his associate Jim Cowan of the Institute for Forensic Science Administration (for an accessible overview of Roger and Jim’s work see Roger’s Forbes interview from a few years back). To get a sense just how vital their work is consider the stats cited…

Stigmergy group

My collaborator Marge Doyle and I have set up a LinkedIn group for the many academic disciplines that now have an interest in stigmergy. Go to LinkedIn and search LinkedIn groups for “stigmergy.”

Knowledge Wants to be Free: From Hayek to the Hacker

My talk “Knowledge Wants to be Free: From Hayek to the Hacker” for the 2010 Wirth Conference at Simon Fraser University October 15 & 16, 2010 on “Austrian Views on Experts & Epistemic Monopolies.”  I think the talk went down OK. Good to see some old friends and make new friends. Thanks to Wirth for sponsoring the…