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Knowledge in a Social World

It was twenty years ago today . . . since the publication of Alvin Goldman’s classic of sorts, a work that inspired myself and my chum, Chris Onof — and later with Alvin’s help — to set up EPISTEME. The Sokal hoax was another motivating factor. Alan SokalAlvin Goldmanchris onofEPISTEMEEpistemologysocial epistemologySokal Hoax

Embodying the Mind and Representing the Body

Two papers of note from the special issue “The Body Represented/Embodied Representation” of Review of Philosophy and Psychology and one from the current issue: A Moderate Approach to Embodied Cognitive Science – Alvin Goldman Embodying the Mind and Representing the Body – Adrian John Tetteh Alsmith and Frédérique de Vignemont In Defense of Phenomenological Approaches to Social Cognition:…

Hayek’s Self-organizing Mental Order and Folk-Psychological Theories of the Mind

Here is the Introduction to Chiara Chelini’s paper, the full version available here. Humans are social creatures and they deeply rely on mentalizing, which aims at understanding other people behaviours and formulating expectations about their future actions. The existence of inner mental states has been postulated in order to give an explanatory account of the…

Sandy Goldberg’s “extendedness” hypothesis

Here is an excellent website I’ve come across called New Books in Philosophy. One of the people behind this enterprise is Robert Talisse whose work I know from two articles in EPISTEME. Robert interviews Sandy Goldberg about his new book. Here’s an hour long audio discussion.

EPISTEME: A Move and Reincarnation

EPISTEME announces an impending move and transformation. With the first issue of 2012 we begin publication with Cambridge University Press and expand our scope from social epistemology specifically to all of epistemology.  Our new title will be:  EPISTEME, A Journal of Individual and Social Epistemology. Since 2004 EPISTEME has published with Edinburgh University Press. With Cambridge…

Social Epistemology in Good Health

Here is a new title from OUP comprising new essays on social epistemology. Some of the best names in the business are here. This is a nice compliment to the New Studies and  Essential Readings volumes that came out earlier in 2010.

New Studies in Social Epistemology

Here is a collection from OUP with a section devoted to SE (how times have changed) with some top-notch names anchored of course by Alvin Goldman. Special Theme: Social Epistemology Guest Editor: Alvin Goldman 8: Alvin Goldman: Systems-Oriented Social Epistemology 9: Franz Dietrich & Christian List: The Aggregation of Propositional Attitudes: Towards a General Theory…