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Stigmergy: The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Cognitive Science

“Stigmergy” has finally made it into a mainstream philosophy reference work. It is mentioned in the chapter entitled “Reasoning and Rationality” written by Collin Allen, Peter M. Todd, and Jonathan M. Weinberg. Colin, by the way, is co-authoring a paper for a themed issue of Cognitive Systems Research on stigmergy Marge Doyle and I are editing.

EPISTEME: A Move and Reincarnation

EPISTEME announces an impending move and transformation. With the first issue of 2012 we begin publication with Cambridge University Press and expand our scope from social epistemology specifically to all of epistemology.  Our new title will be:  EPISTEME, A Journal of Individual and Social Epistemology. Since 2004 EPISTEME has published with Edinburgh University Press. With Cambridge…