New Studies in Social Epistemology

Here is a collection from OUP with a section devoted to SE (how times have changed) with some top-notch names anchored of course by Alvin Goldman.

Special Theme: Social Epistemology Guest Editor: Alvin Goldman

8: Alvin Goldman: Systems-Oriented Social Epistemology

9: Franz Dietrich & Christian List: The Aggregation of Propositional Attitudes: Towards a General Theory

10: Miranda Fricker: Can There Be Institutional Virtues?

11: Melissa Koenig: Selective Trust in Testimony: Children’s Evaluation of the Message, the Speaker and the Speech Act

12: Jennifer Lackey: What Should We Do When We Disagree?

13: Michael Strevens: Reconsidering Authority: Scientific Expertise, Bounded Rationality, and Epistemic Backtracking