André Kukla

Here’s an interview with André Kukla plugging his book (see above) from 2006 (which I’ve only just come across). I know Kukla through his technical philosophical work: two titles remain vivid to me. Social Constructivism and the Philosophy of Science and Studies in Scientific Realism. The former was a well-needed tough-minded antidote to the vulgar relativism that was characteristic of the day (no doubt, still is in some quarters). The latter, I recall having to get printed-on-demand. In many ways Kukla reminds me of Colin McGinn (the subject of my last post). Both had psychology and philosophy as a joint interest; both also have a no-nonsense clarity in their approach. I felt honoured to meet Kukla in person in 2006 at the EPISTEME conference at the University of Toronto. Speaking of EPISTEME, Kukla and a talented then-student of his, Joel Walmsley, produced a lovely paper for the issue I was editing entitled “Mysticism and Social Epistemology.”