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Hayek in Mind: Hayek’s Philosophical Psychology

Having just delivered an edited volume entitled Hayek in Mind: Hayek’s Philosophical Psychology to the publisher, this is an opportune time to make widely available, for the first time, some photographs so generously sent to me by Walt Weimer (contact made through the good offices of a few of his students, some featured in the photos…

Qualia on Philosophy TV

Richard Brown (ebullient blogger at Philosophy Sucks!) and Keith Frankish discuss qualia on Philosophy TV. Richard’s dog Frankie chimes in as well.


Here is the recently published book by my chum Erol Başar who as it happens is also contributing to my forthcoming edited book entitled Hayek in Mind: Hayek’s Philosophical Psychology. Not surprisingly,  there is much reference to Hayek’s The Sensory Order peppered throughout Erol’s book most notably in section 2.12 (pp. 39-41). Other distinguished neuroscientists who appreciate…

Tallis Reviews Ramachandran’s Latest

Via Pete Mandik at Brain Hammer here is a rather snippy review by Raymond Tallis in the WSJ on V. S. Ramachandran’s latest which just yesterday I was leafing through. Is this the opening salvo of a slanging match akin to the APA Eastern Division meeting a few years back with Dennett vs. Bennett and Hacker? The…

Stigmergy group

My collaborator Marge Doyle and I have set up a LinkedIn group for the many academic disciplines that now have an interest in stigmergy. Go to LinkedIn and search LinkedIn groups for “stigmergy.”

Colin Klein Reviews Rob Rupert

Check out the ms of Colin Klein’s critical notice (forthcoming in Journal of Mind and Behavior) of Rob Rupert, something I’ve been trailing for some time.

Extended X: Recarving the Biological and Cognitive Joints of Nature

Mike Wheeler has put online some draft chapters dealing with extended mind from his forthcoming work. If you enjoyed Mike’s last book Reconstructing the Cognitive World: the Next Step as I did, then this new work promises much.