Ostrich Parasitic Syndrome

Ostrich Parasitic Syndrome, (OPS), (os’trich [-trij] par’a-sīt’ik sin’drō-mēn. a malaise manifest as (1) conceptual- myopia/dissonance/creep and moral impairment; (2) attenuated morality of misplaced solidarité commune; (3) ossified/closed system, fundamentalist and authoritarian in character with nihilistic inclinations; (4) resentment, malevolence, ignorance, cowardice, jointly and severally, tacitly or explicitly, in the service of dissimulation (تقیة‎‎); (5) variation of “useful idiot” (Lenin), proclivity towards dhimmitude and servility, or even the most compromised of servility, the post-War phenomenon of the tenured cultural funktionshäftling or kapo.

  1. OPS(I) intellectual-yet-idiot prevalent amongst academics, politicians, journalists, bureaucrats and public intellectuals;
  2. OPS(II) Affleckthisis, prevalent within showbusiness circles (v. to be afflected);
  3. OPS(III) individual manqué, most prevalent variant within general population; morality of anti-individualism, exhibiting collective cognitive torpidity not dissimilar to that of eusocial insects, appropriately and most poetically, a standard bearer going by the surname of “cockroach” (I kid you not!).

Diagnosing the condition: To the afflected OPS(I/II/III), the two images below display no family resemblance whatsoever.

The subject, when presented with the first image, generates a quick and confident response. OPS’ers are still “bravely fighting” Nazis (you must know that “the boys from Brazil” and the KKK now constitute half the US, CAN, and UK populations). This self-aggrandizing virtue-signalling deception/dissimulation (“the practice of publicly expressed opinions/sentiments intended to convey that one is of sound character/moral correctness”) licensed under a twofold aspect: 

(a) Nazism is culturally totemic of evil (fair enough up to a point but this is now unequivocally superseded);

and derivatively,

(b) in a practical sense, their actions are very safe requiring absolutely no skin-in-the-game (i.e. “insulated from real world consequences”), this despite the enemy’s apparent ubiquitousness.

The same subjects, when presented with the second image, are noticeably more muted or when under cognitive discomfort, are impelled into incoherent “apologetics” (قیة‎‎)/inane hagiography. We can be pretty damn sure that had these people lived in the Southern states of the 1920s, Germany of the 1930s, the Soviet Union, apartheid South Africa, Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, Saudi Barbaria and many more current examples besides, they would not be so emboldened. Indeed, at their very fringes, their cowardice is made manifest by the very thuggery that they claim to be opposed to (ever notice the similarity between ISIS and Antifa’s black “work” garb, as well as the KKK, albeit white garb?)

The biggest danger is cowardice — Gad Father

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Image 3 (a recent addition)

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Corbynista endorsement