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The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise

Another puncture to the regressive dhimmi myth. Here are a few reviews. Thomas F. Madden review; Nirmal Das review; Danusha V. Goska review; Norman Berdichevsky review; Julia Pavón Benito review; Jude P. Dougherty review; Anne Barbeau Gardiner review; Paul Monk review. ChristianityDario Fernandez-MoreraislamjihadjizyaJudaismMiddle Agesregressive leftSpaintaqiya

The answer: Stage 1 dhimmitude

The question posed by Liel Leibovitz: “Why have so many Jewish leaders put their weight behind an activist whose separatist rhetoric is cloaked in the flaccid language of human rights?” On a closely related note, see Gary Weiss’ earlier “The Politics of Anti-anti-Semitism“. I also refer my Right Honorable friends to the phenomenon termed as Ostrich Parasitic Syndrome.…

Fellow-travellers and useful idiots

John Gray in the New Statesman. Islamist movements fill this gap by combining hatred of the West with Leninist methods of remodelling society by force – a mix that some on the left evidently find appealing. authoritarianismjohn grayKoestlerregressive lefttotalitarianism

State-sponsored segregation

From the very party that brought you the KKK and eugenics. Richard Rothstein chats about his new book The Color of Law. The publisher blurb here. (Unusually, it’s the subtitle that is more illuminating). Jane JacobsLiberalismracismregressive leftrichard Rothsteinthe color of law

Prelude to Douglas Murray’s new book

In The World of Yesterday, published in 1942, the Austrian writer Stefan Zweig wrote that in the years leading up to the Second World War, “I felt that Europe, in its state of derangement, had passed its own death sentence.” Only his timing was out. It would take several more decades before that death sentence…