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There’s No Such Thing as Islamophobia: Critique of religion is a fundamental Western right, not an illness

Superb analysis in City Journal by Pascal Bruckner outlining the fuckwittery that the regressive left is so complicitous with, and sadly, a disproportionate number of over-compensating virtue-signaling Jews buy into this dhimmitude under the guise of anti-Zionism. Also tiresome is when these nihilistically delusional dhimmies claim that there is no connection between Islam and terror. As…

Explaining Postmodernism

The very excellent Stephen Hicks whom I had the pleasure of meeting earlier this year has made his book freely available online. I’m very much looking forward to Stephen’s chat with Jordan Peterson who has repeatedly referred to Stephen’s book in his various podcasts. constructivismcultural marxismJordan Petersonpost modernismregressive leftrelativismstephen hicks

When Reason Goes On Holiday

Neven Sesardic‘s recent book has really set tongues a wagging (to put it mildly), a book that is freely available here. Below one can hear Nevan talk on the topic. The discussion is all very disconcerting as Joseph Bottum points out in his review. History of PhilosophyJoseph BottumMartin HeideggerNeven SesardicPhilosophyPoliticsReasonregressive left

First Church of Intersectionality

The always insightful and elegant Elizabeth Corey in First Things. Individuality is secondary to group identity. Soon the church-like atmosphere evolved into a political rally. Intersectional scholars are, by definition, unhappy with their situations in life. Gender, sexuality, family, ­hierarchy, capitalism, and, most of all, the university and its “pretense” to objective knowledge must be…

Some Ballsy Canucks

On this, the day that Canada celebrates its 150th birthday, this is dedicated to those who I know are fighting the good fight. From yesteryear, we have George Beurling, quite the complex character. I can easily imagine several current prominent Canadians that “The Falcon of Malta’s” fuck off sign might well be addressed to, not least the gormless…

Contemporary Left Antisemitism

Discussion here within the British context and from someone very well-placed to offer an overview of the problem: it’s easy to see similar trends in the US, CA and elsewhere. Aside from Red Ken, Corbyn and the like, the most despicable of characters are the regressive Jews, those trying ever so harder than even the bog…

The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise

Another puncture to the regressive dhimmi myth. Here are a few reviews. Thomas F. Madden review; Nirmal Das review; Danusha V. Goska review; Norman Berdichevsky review; Julia Pavón Benito review; Jude P. Dougherty review; Anne Barbeau Gardiner review; Paul Monk review. ChristianityDario Fernandez-MoreraislamjihadjizyaJudaismMiddle Agesregressive leftSpaintaqiya