The Left as the Trojan Horse of Jew Hatred

The regressive Left’s identitarian-intersectionalism fetish (sadly with many IYI Jews in their ranks) are the Trojan Horse of Jew hatred. Their shallow and incoherent identitarian politics presents a threefold danger: (1) white supremacist groups have now been relicensed to play that game. And yet, the regressives find their primary purpose as Nazi hunters, the uptick of their own damn making. (2) The biggest danger, though, is their cognitive dissonance manifest in their giving Islam a free pass despite the unambiguous Jew hatred in the teleology of Islam. This leads to (3): that is, the Left and Islam in their hypocritical and ill-nuanced criticism of Israel together with willful historical ignorance, are complicitous in maligning a whole LIBERAL country as fascistic. Anyway, Brendan O’Neill here deals with the cancerous Jew hatred that is common place within the Labour Party, a phenomenon that has its counterparts across the political establishment of the Western world.

This new anti-Semitism is better understood as an outgrowth of the left’s own self-debasement and its abandonment of its traditions and principles in favour of the dead end of moralistic conspiracism.