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Belle du Jour

Catherine Deneuve — the epitome of sophisticated, cool eroticism, accomplishment,  strong and independent womanhood. I can’t see her stooping to group zombiefication wearing a pussyhat. Update: here is the English translation of the manifesto Deneuve signed. belle du jourcatherine deneuvecinemafeminismLuis Buñuelregressive leftSimone de Beauvoir

Regressive Blindspot

Does this not in the clearest of terms reveal the regressive blindspot? — especially the IYIs. (Well, ok there is the co-chair of the Woman’s March followed by pussy-hatted sheepzoids). “DC Transit Cop’s Trial Details Ties Between Neo-Nazis and Islamist Terrorism“. islamliberalityNazismregressive left

The Coddling of the Western Mind

Forthcoming. Though the American context is specified, this book would be of salience across the Anglophonic world. A portion of the proceeds of the sale of the book go to support the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), a vital and most effective bulwark against the inquisitors, their complicitous bloated bureaucrapcy and their zombie swarm…

New Orleans Remix

Worth checking out this recently published book. As has been variously argued, jazz as a spontaneous order makes a nonsense of the vulgar rationalisms peddled by the “cultural appropriation” fundamentalists. Conversationjack sullivanJazzmusicnew orleansregressive leftSpontaneous order