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The Fordist Academic

Scathing assessment of prevailing academia by Binoy Kampmark, well and truly caught between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, higher education institutions are encouraged to be functional to market requirements (ROI, translational research); while on the other hand, so much of the university is given over to ideological indoctrination, activism masquerading as disinterested inquiry—i.e.…

Who commits violent antisemitic attacks in Europe? Hint: it’s not neo-Nazis

Philippe Lemoine’s close-grained analysis on the topic also understood by others such as Melanie Phillips. Along with Douglas Murray’s latest article inevitably all this points to a rather bleak outlook for UK Jewry. My brief thoughts on the matter of the regressive’s complicity with Islamofascism outlined here. authoritarianismChristopher Hitchensdouglas murrayilliberalismislamofascismJew hatredMelanie PhillipsNazismPhilippe Lemoineregressive left

Cracked Actor

Sounding ever more familiar? Chris O’Leary writes: It’s one of the most brutal lines Bowie ever wrote: “Forget that I’m fifty, ’cause you just got paid.” While the song basically ends at 1:40, the guitar and harmonica extend the track for four more 12-bar choruses, starting a fifth as the track fades out, suggesting the…

A Different ‘Darkness at Noon’

As this year marks the centenary of the Russian Revolution I’m astonished by the ubiquitous uncritical flirtation with this brand of totalitarianism, the body count far exceeding that of even the Nazis. As someone who has read Darkness at Noon several times, a book given to me by someone who used to have sympathies, Michael Scammell makes…

Soldiers of Reason

I’m very much looking forward to a great live bill tomorrow comprising Jordan Peterson and Bret Weinstein. I’m also hoping that my Gad Father T-shirt arrives in time for me to wear for the event. 12 Rules for Lifebret weinsteinclassical liberalismDave Rubinfree speechgad saadJordan PetersonliberalityOstrich Parasitic Syndromeregressive left