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British Labour and the Socialism of Fools: The Return of Left-Wing Antisemitism

Peter C. Grosvenor’s review essay in Nationalism and Ethnic Politics Volume 25, 2019 – Issue 2: 240-245 (Corrected for spelling). Sadly there are many dhimmi–“Funktionshäftling”-like Jews that comprise the Regressive Left, their silence on this issue highlighting their mauvaise foi. That Labour has an antisemitism problem is beyond dispute There is nothing new about left-wing antisemitism,…

The “Dhimmi” Jew vs. the “Maccabean” Jew

The redoubtable, incisive and subtle Douglas Murray is the only current public intellectual I’ve come across to have read Gregor von Rezzori’s Memoirs of an Anti-Semite. While Murray points to Rezzori’s central psychological insight that anti-Semitism is a form of prestige (i.e. snobbery), I want to add a further complicating wrinkle to the discussion. That is,…

Karl Marx’s Radical Antisemitism

Anti-semitism as a term just doesn’t cut it any longer — the term should be more specific — Jew hatred. Here from a few years back Michael Ezra argues in The Philosopher’s Magazine that Karl Marx’s anti-Semitism is clear and unambiguous. anti-SemitismJew hatredKarl MarxMarxismMichael Ezraregressive left

Memoirs of an Anti-Semite

I’m pleased to see that Gregor von Rezzori’s Memoirs of an Anti-Semite has been rereleased — well, it was some eight years ago, as I’ve just discovered. Anyway, here is a review piece by Hitch on the reissue from the days when The Atlantic still retained some distinction. anti-SemitismChristopher HitchensGregor von Rezzorimemoirs of an anti-semitephilosophical literature