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Karl Marx’s Radical Antisemitism

Anti-semitism as a term just doesn’t cut it any longer — the term should be more specific — Jew hatred. Here from a few years back Michael Ezra argues in The Philosopher’s Magazine that Karl Marx’s anti-Semitism is clear and unambiguous. anti-SemitismJew hatredKarl MarxMarxismMichael Ezraregressive left

Who commits violent antisemitic attacks in Europe? Hint: it’s not neo-Nazis

Philippe Lemoine’s close-grained analysis on the topic also understood by others such as Melanie Phillips. Along with Douglas Murray’s latest article inevitably all this points to a rather bleak outlook for UK Jewry. My brief thoughts on the matter of the regressive’s complicity with Islamofascism outlined here. NazismChristopher Hitchensregressive leftilliberalismdouglas murrayauthoritarianismJew hatredislamofascismPhilippe LemoineMelanie Phillips

Contemporary Left Antisemitism

Discussion here within the British context and from someone very well-placed to offer an overview of the problem: it’s easy to see similar trends in the US, CA and elsewhere. Aside from Red Ken, Corbyn and the like, the most despicable of characters are the regressive Jews, those trying ever so harder than even the bog…

The answer: Stage 1 dhimmitude

The question posed by Liel Leibovitz: “Why have so many Jewish leaders put their weight behind an activist whose separatist rhetoric is cloaked in the flaccid language of human rights?” On a closely related note, see Gary Weiss’ earlier “The Politics of Anti-anti-Semitism“. I also refer my Right Honorable friends to the phenomenon termed as Ostrich Parasitic Syndrome.…

Mary Lefkowitz

Here’s wishing a happy birthday to the amazingly brave Mary Lefkowitz, a beacon of light for intellectual integrity, truth and liberality. I’d urge you to read History Lesson: it’s an easy, quick and a rather chilling read. Mary came to my attention some thirty years ago when, studying classics, I came across the contentious Martin Bernal. Their bitter clash later morphed into even more unsavory exchanges with others…