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Private Eye at 60

‘Still funny, still unpredictable, still annoying all the right people’: Private Eye, 60 years on — The Telegraph. free speechhumourpeter cookprivate eyesatire


Born on this date. Here’s a strong writeup from Guitar World from 21 years ago. If Zappa thought the music industry incompetent, crooked and imbecilic back then, he’d be even more appalled now, if that were even possible. I’d recommend the recently released documentary for a decent enough sketch of Zappa’s life. And in many…

Who the Fuck is Frank Zappa?

Born on this day — the radical individualist that was FZ. Look out for the forthcoming Who the Fuck is Frank Zappa? movie and also The Bizarre World Of Frank Zappa hologram tour. Also well-worth a read is Barry Miles’ excellent biography reviewed by the redoubtable Camille Paglia in the NYT. Barry MilesCamille PagliaConservatismcultural criticismFrank Zappafree speechLibertarianismmusic

Jonathan Pie: Back to the Studio

Jonathan Pie’s (Tom Walker) brutal and delicious scathing of regressives of all stripes but his full on excoriation (from around 36:30) is reserved for the regressive Left — check it out. (If this is blocked, it’s available here, at least for the time being). free speechhumourjonathan pieregressive leftsatiretom walker

Liberty Fund Book Sale

Liberty Fund is offering a 20% discount on all their books and DVDs. (Use promo code JULY18 at checkout — expires July 31, 2018). Discount aside, their books are incredibly good value for money and are superbly bound. David Humefree speechFriedrich Hayekliberalityliberty fundMichael Oakeshott