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Private Eye at 60

‘Still funny, still unpredictable, still annoying all the right people’: Private Eye, 60 years on — The Telegraph. free speechhumourpeter cookprivate eyesatire

Pillock* Talk

*noun. /ˈpɪlək/ ˈpɪlək/ (British slang), a more polite version of dickhead or fuckwit.  Colin Pillock: Tell me, Mr. Perrin, are you running this community for the benefit of humanity, or simply to make money, or is it a giant confidence trick? Reggie Perrin: Yes. CP: I hope you’re not going to tie yourself to this monosyllabic…

Al Jaffee: 99 not out

Guardian article from 4 years ago. MAD has long-since lost it’s “humourific” mojo but Jaffee never lost his. I treasure his Snappy Answers collection. al jaffeehumourmad magazinesatire

David Nobbs

Born on this day. Nobbs’ novels were the basis of the TV series The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin, a scathing precursor to Ricky Gervais’ The Office. Below is a clip of what I’d term a Cathy Newman (Colin Pillock) moment. david nobbshumourreginald perrinricky gervaissatirethe office

Jonathan Pie: Back to the Studio

Jonathan Pie’s (Tom Walker) brutal and delicious scathing of regressives of all stripes but his full on excoriation (from around 36:30) is reserved for the regressive Left — check it out. (If this is blocked, it’s available here, at least for the time being). free speechhumourjonathan pieregressive leftsatiretom walker

Semiotics of Neckwear

Classic from issue 16 of The Chap. I guess this is why the Sartorial Agony section is no longer a staple of the mag. One has got to hand it to David for the most chap-like/Ignatius-like excuse: “He claimed business incompetence was to blame for the offence and said Saxby . . . hadn’t understood…