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The Semiotics of Eyewear

Another classic from The Chap this time, issue 15. I trust that you chaps are also monitoring the encroaching vulgarity that I noticed corroding Jermyn Street. Long live anarcho-dandyism! anarcho-dandyismhumoursartorial agonysatiresemioticsthe chap

Theology + Geometry: A Gentleman’s Worldview 4

Classic from issue 16. So far as I’m concerned the most important item from The Chap Manifesto is number 8: “THOU SHALT NEVER WEAR PLIMSOLLS WHEN NOT DOING SPORT. Nor even when doing sport. Which you shouldn’t be doing anyway. Except cricket”. (In common parlance, those hideous and disposable artificial fibered walking billboards known as…

True Dat BoJack

Even the NYT and Slate get BoJack as do AV Club, Vulture and TIFF. Let’s hope the writing doesn’t go soft, PC or didactic (sadly it did go PC and didactic in a big way thereby cheapening the artistry). Peter Singer might well have approved except for the fact that the animals with higher cognitive ability (i.e. the fully anthropomorphized) treat the lower ones (such as…

Yes, Minister

Antony Jay has died. This quote from The Guardian expresses the beauty of idea diversity working in tandem for a higher truth. Their partnership was successful despite their different political allegiances: Jay, the rightwing free marketer, and Lynn, the left-leaning actor, researched and wrote everything together. The Telegraph The Guardian The Independent anthony jaybeaurocrapsPoliticsPrime Ministerregressive…

A Troubled Man for Troubled Times

I did make this suggestion a year ago. In my view while he has several good suggestions, the two vital components to Alice’s platform is to have Groucho Marx on the $50 bill and Peter Sellers on the £20 note. To this I would add Peter Cook on a five quid note. alice coopergroucho marxhumourpeter cookpeter sellerssatire