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Private Eye at 60

‘Still funny, still unpredictable, still annoying all the right people’: Private Eye, 60 years on — The Telegraph. free speechhumourpeter cookprivate eyesatire

Pillock* Talk

*noun. /ˈpɪlək/ ˈpɪlək/ (British slang), a more polite version of dickhead or fuckwit.  Colin Pillock: Tell me, Mr. Perrin, are you running this community for the benefit of humanity, or simply to make money, or is it a giant confidence trick? Reggie Perrin: Yes. CP: I hope you’re not going to tie yourself to this monosyllabic…

Zappa Documentary

Zappa is available to purchase or rent from today, and apparently, it will also be released as a DVD with material that didn’t make the film. As a primer, this documentary would complement Barry Miles’ biography reviewed by Camille Paglia and Zappa’s very own The Real Frank Zappa Book. Here are some reviews of the documentary that…

Al Jaffee: 99 not out

Guardian article from 4 years ago. MAD has long-since lost it’s “humourific” mojo but Jaffee never lost his. I treasure his Snappy Answers collection. al jaffeehumourmad magazinesatire