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Islam and the Future of Tolerance

Coming soon from this OZ-based outfit. This film will get the regressives and others under the spell of Ostrich Parasitic Syndrome riled up of course — nice! The producers are still accepting donations. blasphemyChristopher Hitchensgad saadislamm103Maajid NawazOstrich Parasitic Syndromepolitics and religionregressive leftsam harris

Jewish Conservatism: A Manifesto

Eric Cohen and Aylana Meisel in Commentary. To this day, many American Jews reflexively associate anti-Semitism with the “Right.” And without question, the “neo-Nazi” and white-supremacist strains of anti-Semitism exist in America, and occasionally their sick adherents act out against the Jews. But these perverse philosophies have no broad institutional base and no representatives in…

Secularism: Will It Survive?

A nice crisp collection of perspectives from 2005 on the above question. I only know Wilfred McClay and Susan Haack’s work and both of their entries very much reflect their broader concerns. politics and religionscience and religionSecularismsusan haackWilfred McClay

Ostrich Parasitic Syndrome

Ostrich Parasitic Syndrome, (OPS), (os’trich [-trij] par’a-sīt’ik sin’drō-mē) n. a malaise manifest as (1) conceptual- myopia/dissonance/creep and moral impairment; (2) attenuated morality of misplaced solidarité commune; (3) ossified/closed system, fundamentalist and authoritarian in character with nihilistic inclinations; (4) resentment, malevolence, ignorance, cowardice, jointly and severally, tacitly or explicitly, in the service of dissimulation (تقیة‎‎); (5) variation of “useful idiot” (Lenin), proclivity…

The Strange Death of Europe

The eminently sensible, sane, humane, informed, analytical, eloquent, cultured, honest and ballsy Douglas Murray has a very timely and important book about to hit the shelves. The mass self-delusion of the regressive left and their feckless fellow-travelers (you know, the Sarsourian-type zombies from middle-class families) is the most astonishing and perverse of herd instincts. While they (and their intersectional pseudo-theorists) fetishize…

The search goes on

Nick Spencer’s The Evolution of the West: How Christianity Has Shaped Our Values warmly reviewed in The Economist. This theme was one that Walker Percy repeatedly returned to. Lurking everywhere in the secularised West is what he calls a “disenchantment with disenchantment”. People still want more than just freedom and choice. They want to belong, they want community rooted in…

The Ring of the Nibelung 101

Roger stylishly and lucidly outlines the timelessness of The Ring’s significance — especially salient to our troubled current times. aestheticsconsciousnessDer Ring des Nibelungenfreedommusicpolitics and religionpolitics of faithpolitics of skepticismReligionRichard WagnerRoger Scruton

Why were the early Christians persecuted?

I This well-worn question needs to be re-analyzed into the following three subsidiary questions. First, for what reasons did the government (i.e. the organs of state, broadly speaking, the emperor, the senate, officials, and provincial governors) persecute? Secondly, for what reasons did ordinary pagans (i.e. the general populace) demand persecution? Thirdly, we need to examine…