The Strange Death of Europe

The eminently sensible, sane, humane, informed, analytical, eloquent, cultured, honest and ballsy Douglas Murray has a very timely and important book about to hit the shelves. The mass self-delusion of the regressive left and their feckless fellow-travelers (you know, the Sarsourian-type zombies from middle-class families) is the most astonishing and perverse of herd instincts. While they (and their intersectional pseudo-theorists) fetishize “Nazi fascism” (and via “concept creep”, have emptied the term of any meaning), their suicidal astigmatism to the far more pressing paradigm of Islamofascism, is most evident and has been so for quite a while. To my dear Canadian chums who understand the postulates of liberality and the civil condition — M-103 is without doubt the thin, but razor sharp, end of the wedge that will mutilate Canada. On a related note, it’s high time western democracies stop ingratiating themselves with Saudi Barbaria given that their major and most destructive export is actually Wahhabism.