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The Perverse Ontology of Intersectionalism

Nice analytical piece by Helen Pluckrose. Consider the incoherent fuckwittery of, for example, “queers for Palestine” and the recent unholy alliance of feminism with Sharia law (I refer of course to Linda Sarsour, co-organizer of the recent Women’s March blindly followed by white middle class pseudo-intellectuals giving new meaning to Kornbluth’s The Marching Morons). The permutations of idiocy…


Conservatism: Analytically Reconsidered

The new issue of The Monist: “This special issue is motivated by the observation that conservatism plays a marginal role in contemporary philosophy even though it appears to be of considerable importance in moral, social, and political reality. One reason for this neglect is that defenders of conservatism have often refrained from articulating their arguments…

Deirdre McCloskey on Dave Rubin

I had the honour and pleasure to spend the weekend at an intimate conference this past weekend with the delightful, funny, kind, supportive and of course brilliant Deirdre McCloskey. A true renaissance woman unlike the one-dimensional regressive hacks that populate most academia these days. Deirdre McCloskeyLiberalismregressive left


Islam and the Future of Tolerance: The Movie

If you are one of those anti-liberal sheep-like incoherent intersectional fuckwits who participated in- or uncritically supported- a mass march co-organized by a pro-Hamas Sharia law enthusiast, then this project won’t be for you. On the other hand if you are genuinely committed to liberalism (and women’s rights) please consider supporting this film. Ayaan Hirsi Alicultural marxismilliberalismislamLiberalismMaajid Nawazregressive leftsam harrisSarah Haider



Maajid Nawaz asks “Why Did Obama Pander to the UN’s Stunning Anti-Israel Bias?“ Sneering from the comfort of their keyboards, Western leftists have grown complacent with the luxury of free speech. They have never had to suffer the wrath of an Arab dictator’s torture cells. But anyone who has ever been unfortunate enough to have…