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Michael Joseph Oakeshott

Born on this day, that most subtle, civilized, cultivated, elegant, insightful, humane and liberal quality of mind. For all things Oakeshottian check out the Michael Oakeshott Association, the unaffiliated Michael Oakeshott Society, loads of stuff on this site including a very rare BBC recording of Oakeshott on the philosophy of history, and last, but no means least, A Companion to…

Cultural “Appropriation”

A misnomer if ever there was one. It’s the time of year (Halloween) when the ritualized faux outrage, the pearl-clutching virtue-signaling, often emanating from naively rationalistic and vain “Chardonnay socialists”, reaches fever-pitch. Conceptually lazy and illiterate concerning complexity and the evolutionary dynamic of spontaneous order (i.e. culture, for better or worse), they are doomed (pardon the…

Mises, The Movie

It will be interesting to see if this project actually gets off the ground. To my mind it should be either a fully-fledged theatrical story or a standard documentary — I find documentaries with interspersed reconstructed scenes tiresome and unconvincing. Austrian EconomicsCarl MengerEconomicsFriedrich HayekLiberalismLibertarianismLudwig von Mises