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Conservative Moments

One of the contributors to this volume, the very excellent historian of ideas Efraim Podoksik, has alerted me to this about-to-be published title. Don’t let the typos on Bloomsbury’s page detract you. Conservatismefraim podoksikhistory of political thoughtLiberalismMark GarnettMichael OakeshottPolitical philosophy

Ken Minogue

Five years ago my chum Ken got on a plane after a MPS meeting in the Galapagos and never awoke. What a way to go! Read his work. kenneth minogueLiberalismMichael OakeshottPolitical philosophyrationalism

Walker Percy, philosopher (2)

Forthcoming: Walker Percy, Philosopher. Philosopher of Precision and Soul by Leslie Marsh The theme of abstraction operates in a twofold way in Percy – abstraction in the sense of being alienated from ones true or more authentic way of being/self and abstraction in a methodological sense, the inherent abstraction of scientific method and the more vulgar…