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Sir Alistair MacFarlane on Michael Oakeshott

Sir Alistair MacFarlane on the significance of Oakeshott in Philosophy Now. I wouldn’t have guessed that the featured portrait painting is of Oakeshott: it is indeed Maurice Cranston. Alistair MacFarlaneexperience and its modesJohn Stuart MillLiberalismLudwig WittgensteinMichael Oakeshotton human conductPhilosophy

The Dupe Army or the True Taste Restaurant

In the past I’ve sung the praises of Eric Weinstein’s quality of mind, i.e. his intellectual honesty and rigor pervading eclectic interests that are never monomaniacal. Though its always a pleasure to listen to Eric talk on any topic I want to direct your attention to the Cartesian graph he first mentioned about a year ago on…

Lessons from Burke on the origins of our present discontent

The very excellent “philosopher king” Jesse Norman on Britain’s current malaise. Burke understood how language could be debased through the rhetoric of abstract nouns such as “liberty” or “equality”, which move people without enlightening them. ConservatismEdmund BurkeJesse NormanLiberalismMichael Oakeshottregressive left