The left has made itself ridiculous

Andrew Doyle, co-writer (along with Tom Walker) of the very scathing Jonathan Pie, gets why intersectionalism is a vulgarly nihilistic embarrassment. Andrew, I don’t think, is holding his breath about the regressives’ reforming sometime soon, since their hold on the academy (at least) is now purely functional to self-interest, power and careerism masquerading, of course, under the guise of care and compassion. They will fight tooth and nail to maintain their ever-shrinking and disreputable banana republic. Their clerisy has no compunction in smearing all and sundry (and increasingly regularly, that of their own). (I often think that intersectional millennials have a crude picture theory of language driving their ontological fuckwittery). Anyway, to get a flavour of Jonathan Pie check out one of my favourites and keep apprised of Andrew’s work here.

It’s like a village idiot gleefully clambering into the stocks only to complain when passers-by start pelting him with fruit.

It would also appear that the word ‘Nazi’ has been redefined as ‘anyone with whom the left disagrees’. I’ve never met a Nazi, although I’m assured by many of my liberal friends that you’re never more than six feet away from one.