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The left has made itself ridiculous

Andrew Doyle, co-writer (along with Tom Walker) of the very scathing Jonathan Pie, gets why intersectionalism is a vulgarly nihilistic embarrassment. Andrew, I don’t think, is holding his breath about the regressives’ reforming sometime soon, since their hold on the academy (at least) is now purely functional to self-interest, power and careerism masquerading, of course, under the guise of care…

Jeffrey Bernard’s Soho

Sadly, Soho these days comes over as very anemic save for the occasional gem, one being an unmarked (not illegal nor private) bar that I was taken to — you’d have to know it’s there to enter. A wonderful throwback to a time when Soho was still interesting. Though Bernard was a fixture at the “bloody” Coach…

Best online travel magazine

If you want witty, honest and always balanced reviews check out this travel (food and accommodation) mag — especially anything written by Paul Oswell. comedyjournalismnew orleansPaul Oswelltravel