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Jonathan Pie: Back to the Studio

Jonathan Pie’s (Tom Walker) brutal and delicious scathing of regressives of all stripes but his full on excoriation (from around 36:30) is reserved for the regressive Left — check it out. (If this is blocked, it’s available here, at least for the time being). free speechhumourjonathan pieregressive leftsatiretom walker

The left has made itself ridiculous

Andrew Doyle, co-writer (along with Tom Walker) of the very scathing Jonathan Pie, gets why intersectionalism is a vulgarly nihilistic embarrassment. Andrew, I don’t think, is holding his breath about the regressives’ reforming sometime soon, since their hold on the academy (at least) is now purely functional to self-interest, power and careerism masquerading, of course, under the guise of care…