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Liberty Fund Book Sale

Liberty Fund is offering a 20% discount on all their books and DVDs. (Use promo code JULY18 at checkout — expires July 31, 2018). Discount aside, their books are incredibly good value for money and are superbly bound. David Humefree speechFriedrich Hayekliberalityliberty fundMichael Oakeshott

The Regulation of Language

Here’s a most interesting article that reemphasizes the functional beauty of the Anglophone tradition of common law and language. As Givati points out, English, be it “BBC standard” or Jamaican (and everything in between), is essentially of a distributed character. This is one of the reasons why English is so adaptable (science and business), so culturally rich,…

Hello Dark Web, My Old Friend

These vacuous homogenized lamestream glove-puppets, miscellaneous gatekeepers and other IYIs that comprise their now very shaky edifice are seriously pissed off for two inextricably linked reasons: (a) it’s the independent thinkers that now dominate YouTube, much to Google’s chagrin; and (b) the traditional wanna-be public intellectual IYIs of academia now openly display a bad case of…

Regressive Blindspot

Does this not in the clearest of terms reveal the regressive blindspot? — especially the IYIs. (Well, ok there is the co-chair of the Woman’s March followed by pussy-hatted sheepzoids). “DC Transit Cop’s Trial Details Ties Between Neo-Nazis and Islamist Terrorism“. islamliberalityNazismregressive left

The Coddling of the Western Mind

Forthcoming. Though the American context is specified, this book would be of salience across the Anglophonic world. A portion of the proceeds of the sale of the book go to support the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), a vital and most effective bulwark against the inquisitors, their complicitous bloated bureaucrapcy and their zombie swarm…