The Regulation of Language

Here’s a most interesting article that reemphasizes the functional beauty of the Anglophone tradition of common law and language. As Givati points out, English, be it “BBC standard” or Jamaican (and everything in between), is essentially of a distributed character. This is one of the reasons why English is so adaptable (science and business), so culturally rich, and as a consequence so closely associated with individual liberty. All this is lost on the various varieties of vulgar rationalist: i.e. those behind Bill C-16 in Canada (still in Canada, check out the fuckwittery of this); the euphemistic Newspeak impulse of the “religion of peace” dhimmis; and the new-fangled fundamentalism of the “cultural appropriation” squawkers. Their relentless flattening of the socio-cultural landscape inevitably embodies an authoritarian tendency — since they are pissing in the wind, how else could they effect policy? They will of course double down but they will eventually be hoisted by their own petard through their own takfir-like purity tests.