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Knowing Our Limits

Nathan Ballantyne’s soon to be published Knowing Our Limits seems a promising read for those of us who write about issues of epistemic modesty, dispersed knowledge and complexity. Bounded Rationalitycomplexitydispersed knowledgeepistemic modestyEpistemologyNathan Ballantynesituated cognitionsocial epistemology


Coming soon. ARTICLES Organization, Anticipation, and Closure in Markets and Science — Thomas J. McQuade A Critique of Capitalism, from an Austrian Perspective — Gus diZerega SPECIAL SECTION 25 years since the death of Karl Popper — Danny Frederick a. Identity Politics, Irrationalism, and Totalitarianism: Karl Popper and the contemporary malaise. b. The Relevance of…

The hipster effect: Why anti-conformists always end up looking the same

In our paper Stigmergic Epistemology, Stigmergic Cognition we noted the phenomenon whereby swarm behavior runs the risk of a dysfunctional communal narrowing of attention that can be self-fulfilling. This phenomenon is validated by Jonathan Touboul in his revised paper freely available here. As Touboul rightly says, this phenomenon is found across all domains of collective intentionality…