The Slivovice Interview

Here’s a fantastic post by the one and only Ricky Riccardi. To my knowledge no other 20th Century genius ever provided such an intimate (not stage managed) window into their…

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Recent article by the “dean” of Oakshott studies Generally speaking, those who pursue political philosophy feel an affinity with Mill more than with Oakeshott at this point. It is not…

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Skillful Coping: Essays on the Phenomenology of Everyday Perception and Action

Review of the first installment of Hubert Dreyfus’ collected papers.

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He sized them up as Yankee sort of Southerners, the cheerful, prosperous go-getters one comes across in the upper South, in Knoxville maybe, or Bristol. “Where’re you from,” cried Mrs….

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What scares the new atheists

Article by John Gray from a few weeks back (and surprisingly in The Guardian). It’s a reassuringly simple equation. In fact there are no reliable connections – whether in logic…

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Two Titans: Curtis Mayfield and Bobby Womack

Here are a couple of documentaries sketching out the genius of these two musicians. Much of what they wrote and sang about is as salient now as it ever was. Of…

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Bertrand Russell

Born on this day. It just so happens that while writing on Herbert Simon today I was reminded of Russell who, on hearing from Simon about his “thinking machine” that proved theorems from…

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