Kierkegaardian misreadings of Walker Percy’s The Moviegoer

Recent article freely available here.

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Exploring religion, genetics & identity by Tudor Parfitt

The very excellent Tudor Parfitt whose work I have been following for about 15 years gives an overview of his fascinating DNA trails. If you can catch his programmes on PBS…

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The True Meaning of ‘Social Justice’: A Catholic View of Hayek

Recently published and freely available.

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Lou Reed’s Transformer

Part of the Classic album series. Fascinating hearing about the artistic process and generosity between Reed, Bowie and the amazing Mick Ronson — and Warhol’s support.

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Napoleon Was An Avid Reader: So What Were His Favourite Books?

This from Military History Now. [Napoleon] was then a passionate admirer of Jean-Jacques [Rousseau]; … a fan of the masterpieces of Corneille, Racine and Voltaire. He brought the works of…

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The Embodied Brain: Towards a Radical Embodied Cognitive Neuroscience

Provisional publication freely available here.  

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Walker Percy Wednesday – 30

So thoroughly in fact did he identify with his group companions of the moment, so adept did he become at role-taking, as the social scientists call it, that he all…

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