The World Beyond Your Head

Reviews in The New Yorker, The Guardian, The National Review (interview) of Matthew Crawford’s The World Beyond Your Head.   True freedom requires that “the actor is in touch with the world and…

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Bernard Williams’ Descartes and others on Williams

There was a minor philosopher in the 19th century who was described as the janitor of the Hegelian system, and there are many today who similarly become janitors of their…

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Marking the death of the 20th Century’s greatest artist by listening to amazing Satchmo at Symphony Hall with notes by the one and only Ricky Riccardi.

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Happy Birthday, Pops!

Check out the back story to Pops’ birthday by the wonderful Ricky Riccardi.

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Now available — I have the following entries included: Brain Scans and Behavioral Economics pp. 39-40 Complexity and Heuristics pp. 70-71 Daniel Kahneman (1934-) pp. 231-232 Neuroplasticity pp. 285-287 The…

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Franz Kafka

Born on this day

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Jazz Vipers

If you appreciate the Palmetto Bug Stompers you’ll appreciate the Vipers.

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