I told her (I always remember the remote past first). ‘It was an orange-colored cotton twill sort of material.’ ‘That was my piqué,’ says she as normally as you please.”…

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Social Epistemology

The SEP entry on social epistemology has been revised. Things have come along way since Chris, Alvin and I got EPISTEME going. What’s conspicuously missing is that aside from Hutchins, this…

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Why Brain-to-Brain Communication Is No Longer Unthinkable

This from the Smithsonian. For all that science has studied and mapped the brain in recent decades, the mind remains a black box. A famous 1974 essay by the philosopher…

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Only in New Orleans . . . (photos courtesy of Hill Nanny), Travis’ passing mentioned here.

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John Nash

‘A Beautiful Mind’ Subject and Nobel Winner, Dies at 86

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One Last Deal: Documentary on Superfly

Here’s a short documentary about the making of Superfly. Good to see most of the cast and crew interviewed all these years later because several are no longer with us….

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Some More Recent Oakeshottiana

1. Michael Oakeshott’s Skepticism 2. Oakeshott on Practice, Normative Thought and Political Philosophy 3. Michael Oakeshott’s political philosophy of civil association and constructivism in International Relations

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