Walker Percy’s Theory of Hurricanes

Walter Isaacson in today’s NYT But Percy’s theory about the redemptive power of hurricanes goes beyond the fact that dangerous situations allow us to become action heroes or saints. “True,…

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Louis Armstrong

The great and blessed one born on this day

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Buddy Guy and the Future of the Blues

This on NPR

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Garth Hudson

Born on this day and still with us.

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Now available.

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Gray assesses Hayek’s life and work. For those interested in the Encounter piece “My Cousin, Ludwig Wittgenstein” here it is. Equally, and perhaps also happily, Thatcher had no understanding of…

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Basic social cognition without mindreading: minding minds without attributing contents

New paper by Dan Hutto. Also check out Tom Froese’s review of Dan’s recent co-authored book.

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