Model of Civility

Aron strikes me as the very model of a responsible intellectual, a social philosopher of intellectual power and prudence who served his society with great courage and considerable style. —…

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Eighteen with a bullet

This song must rate as one of the greatest of all doo-wop songs and what is interesting is that it’s not American and it comes along a good 25 years…

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Philo of Alexandria: A Study in Social Identity

For those who want to learn more about Philo the best (and most current) Philonic resources are David Runia and Torrey Seland’s Philo page. Of course there are some superb older…

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Walker Percy’s “Moviegoer” and the Aesthetics of Adversity

Stuart Mitchner in Town Topics Percy intuits the possibility of a Katrina might seem a given, but what sets his book apart is its fortuitous all but prophetic awareness of…

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Perhaps this moment more than any other, the moment of his first astonishment, marked the beginning for the engineer of what is called a normal life. From that time forward…

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What is this “new” New Orleans?

Larry Blumenfeld reports: During a press conference at last year’s Jazz & Heritage Festival, Mayor Landrieu told me, “There is a way to organize culture without killing it.” Those words…

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Max Beerbohm

The author of Zuleika Dobson, or, an Oxford love story born on this day. Had I a daughter, she’d have been named Zuleika.

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