Broken Dream Stout

The finest stout I’ve had in many years and I don’t seem to be alone in this assessment (looking forward to trying their full range — quite an achievement for a…

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Walker Percy and the Atticus Finch Question

I’m not at all sure that Uncle Will suffered from a tragic flaw, indeed I’m firmly of the view that he didn’t. Still, on the whole an OK (ish) article (that…

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Musil’s Imaginary Bridge

A fascinating paper.

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Jazz, Emergence and Complexity

Very pleased to find others that see the connections.

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Luis Bunuel on Earthly Delights

Chapter 6, from Luis Bunuel’s My Last Breath I can’t count the number of delectable hours I’ve spent in bars, the perfect places for the meditation and contemplation indispensable to…

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Interview with Ricky Riccardi Keeper of the Armstrong Flame

Ricky chats with Paul Leslie.

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The first thing a man remembers is longing and the last thing he is conscious of before death is exactly the same longing. I have never seen a man die…

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