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Rupert Reviews Rowlands/Interview with Shapiro

These two items via Ken Aizawa’s blog. 1. Rob Rupert reviews Mark Rowlands’ latest 2. Ginger Campbell interviews Larry Shapiro (check out the companion episodes Ginger mentions)

Klein reviews Rupert

At last Colin Klein’s terrific critical notice of Rob Rupert’s fine-grained critique Cognitive Systems and the Extended Mind is now available in the latest issue of The Journal of Mind and Behavior.

Overextended Cognition

Here’s a new paper by Shannon Spaulding. The abstract: Extended cognition is the view that some cognitive processes extend beyond the brain. One prominent strategy of arguing against extended cognition is to offer necessary conditions on cognition and argue that the proposed extended processes fail to satisfy these conditions (Adams and Aizawa, 2008; Rupert, 2010; Weiskopf,…

Colin Klein Reviews Rob Rupert

Check out the ms of Colin Klein’s critical notice (forthcoming in Journal of Mind and Behavior) of Rob Rupert, something I’ve been trailing for some time.

Clark Review of Adams and Aizawa and Rupert

Here is a twofold review by Andy Clark to appear in Mind and made available by Mirko Farina on his Facebook page. For other critical notices of Adams and Aizawa and Rupert see the Journal of Mind and Behavior (Justin Fisher’s review of A&A, Aizawa’s reply; Rupert’s review of Clark and the soon to appear…

Extended Mind – Themed Issue of CSR

The full and sequential lineup of this special issue of CSR is now available as Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 311-408 (December 2010). Thanks to all – the contributors and the Elsevier type-setting team for making this such a smooth experience.

Cognitive Science Research: Extended Mind Themed Issue

Here is my introduction to the themed issue of Cognitive Systems Research. The full collection is now available here.

Another Review of “Supersizing”

Here’s another review of Andy Clark’s Supersizing the Mind (Do also check out Rob Rupert’s critical notice here). It helps that Mirko, the blog author, has as his advisors, Andy Clark and Julian Kiverstein. Mirko is also working as co-translator of Supersizing into Italian. Great stuff – this guy is going places.

Rupert review of Clark

Here’s a great pairing – Rob Rupert, one of the three most formidable critics of the extended mind thesis (the other two of course being Adams & Aizawa) – reviewing the most formidable promoter of EM. See the latest issue of The Journal of Mind and Behavior. (Also see another of Rob’s reviews of Clark…