Walker Percy: A Documentary Film

At last Win Riley’s superb one hour documentary is now available for viewing at your convenience and at a reasonable price. Sign up is free and the proceeds go directly to Win — enabling him to make more great content. Tip: best to use Chrome as your browser. If you have any queries check out the FAQ (there are info boxes sprinkled around the site as well). As with every new digital environment, you will get the hang of how things work — I have outlined below some of the distinctive features for viewers.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 11.22.42 AM

Admittedly there is limited content on this site right now but it is growing because unlike other platforms mediAm offers viewers:

• meaningful recommendation tools (recommendation lists and subject-based compilations)
• viewers can create social communities in the form of “like minds” — i.e. people with similar tastes and interests
• viewers can save content for later viewing with all the search and filter functionality of the main library
• allows viewers to search for content based on “media descriptors” — keywords used to describe content for deep searches.