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Walker Percy Wednesday 177

CULTURE AS A SUBJECT OF THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD What happens when the functional method of the sciences is applied to cultural phenomena? Does culture lend itself to such an understanding? If there are difficulties in the cultural sciences, are the difficulties due to the complexity of the material, as is often alleged, or are the…

The world and the word

The second installment of Marc Champagne’s prelude to his in-progress book Mapper of Meaning: The Philosophy of Jordan Peterson.     Jordan Petersonmaps of meaningMarc ChampagnePhilosophy of Languagesemiotics

Walker Percy Wednesday 176

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A SYMBOLIC ASSERTION AND A SPACE-TIME EVENT If one examines the characteristic moments of the scientific method, one will discover that they are basically assertions. Even if one happens to be an operationalist and maintains that the business of science is defining the physical operations by which concepts are arrived at and…

Walker Percy Wednesday 175

THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD issues in statements about the world. Whether one is a realist, pragmatist, operationalist, or materialist, one can hardly doubt that the various moments of the scientific enterprise–induction, hypothesis, deduction, theory, law–are all assertions of sorts. Even observation and verification are in the final analysis not the physiological happenings in which the retina…

The Semiotics of Eyewear

Another classic from The Chap this time, issue 15. I trust that you chaps are also monitoring the encroaching vulgarity that I noticed corroding Jermyn Street. Long live anarcho-dandyism! anarcho-dandyismhumoursartorial agonysatiresemioticsthe chap