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Cheers Canada!

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary since the definitive formulation of the Caesar. Here is a history of the Caesar. And this year also marks the last chance saloon for you my dear Canada. Capisce? alcoholCaesarCanadacocktailsvodka

Valhalla Vodka

It’s been a while since something interesting on the boozy front has come my way. This vodka has flavour (without being actually flavoured) coming from a residual barley mash that hasn’t been fully filtered out. This really is sipping vodka, no need to mix this stuff though a decent mixologist could do something subtle with…

My favourite dive bar

Which I guess means that it’s my all-time favourite bar. Here’s an excellent write-up in OffBeat on Snake And Jake’s Christmas Club Lounge. I think what our strength is, is that we don’t have a demographic alcoholbarsnew orleansSnake And Jake’s Christmas Club Lounge

Dark Horse

This really is well-named in the twofold sense that (a) I hadn’t come across it before and (b) I was expecting something quite rough. What a pleasant surprise it was: it has a gorgeous “demerarary” smell that fortunately does not translate into a cloying sweetness. Moreover, it is exceedingly well-priced and I suspect were I…

My kind of GP

Especially during prohibition. See: Winston Churchill Gets a Doctor’s Note to Drink “Unlimited” Alcohol in Prohibition America (1932) “I do not wish to be hurt any more. Give me chloroform or something,” he directed, while waiting for the anesthetist. ***** [Otto Pickhardt] is perhaps best known as the doctor who treated Winston Churchill when he was hit…