My kind of GP

Especially during prohibition. See: Winston Churchill Gets a Doctor’s Note to Drink “Unlimited” Alcohol in Prohibition America (1932)


“I do not wish to be hurt any more. Give me chloroform or something,” he directed, while waiting for the anesthetist.


[Otto Pickhardt] is perhaps best known as the doctor who treated Winston Churchill when he was hit by a car while visiting New York in 1931. Pickhardt remained friendly with Churchill and when on duty in the UK during WWII he received a telegram inviting him to lunch with the Churchill’s at 10 Downing Street.

Winston Churchill

Though according to the Observer:

That prescription is also weirdly specific, reading in full, “Martinis with olives only, twists forbidden. How dare you even suggest twists? What are you, a Hitlerite?”

Here are Winnie’s thoughts on booze as per Finest Hour 86:

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