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Walker Percy: Pair of Fools Podcast

Doug and Caren talk Walker Percy and the vagaries of the self in our age. (H/T Brian Smith). a confederacy of duncesamnesiaCatholicismcomplexityjay tolsonJohn Kennedy Toolelost in the cosmospersonal identityphilosophical literaturePhilosophyThe Message in the Bottlethe moviegoerWalker Percy

Bryan Magee: Philosophical Broadcaster Extraordinaire

I still go back to Magee’s programmes from time to time. It is quite extraordinary that with many a genuine expert by his side, he quite often rearticulated an argument better than his expert guests — the mark of a fine and honest expository mind, devoid of the activistic fuckwittery that has come to tarnish…

Is Jordan Peterson an original thinker?

Marc Champagne’s latest podcast outlines the disingenuous sour-grapes attitude that is characteristic of the clerisy who have only recently become fully aware that their institutionalized monopoly has been severely corroded and depreciated — it’s quite palpable just how out of joint their noses are. Long before the web, the seeds of their own destruction had…