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The Poor Lady Immured: Notes on Public Philosophy

The very excellent Eugene Heath in Metaphilosophy. Philosophy should not be immured within the confines of the university but should step confidently into the communal spaces of society. Philosophy should include, in other words, public philosophy. What, however, is public philosophy? And is it an unalloyed good? These questions are the subject of this essay.…

Bryan Magee: Philosophical Broadcaster Extraordinaire

I still go back to Magee’s programmes from time to time. It is quite extraordinary that with many a genuine expert by his side, he quite often rearticulated an argument better than his expert guests — the mark of a fine and honest expository mind, devoid of the activistic fuckwittery that has come to tarnish…

Dreyfus on Embodiment

Here’s a two-parter with Hubert Dreyfus on embodiment – I haven’t listened to the whole talk but I recall first seeing Dreyfus being interviewed by the very excellent popularizer Bryan Magee  some 25 years ago. Artificial intelligenceBryan MageeCognitionCognitive scienceEmbodied cognitionHubert Dreyfusphilosophical psychologyPhilosophy of mind