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Five Answers on Pragmatism

Susan Haack has just made this available. pragmatism is best thought of, not as requiring these or those articles of faith, but simply as a broad congeries of philosophical attitudes Charles Sanders PeirceEpistemologyJohn DeweyPhilosophypragmatismRichard Rortysusan haackTruthWilliam James

Walker Percy, Philosopher (9)

Forthcoming: Walker Percy, Philosopher. An Attempt Toward a Natural/Unnatural History of The Lay-Scientific Interface or How Walker Percy Got on the Way to Becoming a Radical (Anthropologist) Scott Cunningham Walker Percy was singularly focused on understanding the structure of symbolic behavior, what he called one of the “essential features of symbolic knowing.” Percy sought understanding of…

Walker Percy, Philosopher (8)

Forthcoming: Walker Percy, Philosopher. To Take the Writer’s Meaning: An Unpublished Manuscript on “Peirce and Modern Semiotic” by Walker Percy Kenneth Laine Ketner Percy has been studied under several headings: Catholic, Southerner, Existentialist. Two such aspects, however, have been neglected: the strong influence of Charles Sanders Peirce, plus Percy’s deep competence in laboratory science. His typescript…