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Hayek in Mind

Here is an interview with the editors of Advances in Austrian Economics.

Walmart, the Coast Guard and Distributed Cognition

Here is a lovely practical (and little known) illustration of the power and nimbleness distributed knowledge and cognition. Here’s Steve Horwitz telling the story. Please, would those harboring a fashionable indignation about Walmart desist from writing to me. The point is not about the substance of their business, but the logistics of their business and management…

Studies in Emergent Order

I want to bring your attention to the first issue of the on-line journal Studies in Emergent Order (papers are freely available). I was privileged to attend the recent conference associated with the Journal. A more eclectic and interesting group one couldn’t hope to find. To listen to and chat with Gus diZerega, David Emanuel…

The Contemporary Relevance of The Sensory Order

I’m pleased to discover that there’s a discussion going on at the blog The Austrian Economists relating to a posting by Steve Horwitz. Other luminaries such as Roger Koppl have chimed in. For the past year I’ve been working on a paper on the contemporary relevance of The Sensory Order – hence my keen interest.