Tragic Sense Of Life

One doesn’t have to be Catholic, an existentialist, Spanish, nor indeed even a “believer” of any sort, to appreciate Miguel de Unamuno. One only needs an appreciation of a distinctive quality of mind — but that intellectual virtue, what with the prevailing lazy abridgments characteristic of ideologues, usually squawking the loudest — is in short supply these days. Though Tragic Sense of Life is feely available here for a very modest $14.95 it is well worth getting the hardcopy from the wonderful Dover Press. Much like Liberty Fund Press, Dover offers classics that are exceedingly well-bound and well-priced. Unamuno’s stance as a public intellectual (i. e. with skin-in-the game), makes a nonsense of those (albeit bright, but hardly wise) wankers that typically populate contemporary academia — folk who try so hard to be provocative and who ostensibly are fighting the underdog’s corner. You know, the arrogant, the rude, and the pompous who want to escape the “Nazi USA” and who would have public funds earmarked to set up a university-based centre here in Canada — in their name! Yeah, right oh! Whatever else the failings of university beaurocraps, even they didn’t fall for this con.

Miguel de Unamuno