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Herb Simon and Wim Wenders

Here’s an interesting discussion paper that caught my eye. I couldn’t resist a title with Simon and most improbably, Wenders, in it. Ethics is then also involved. As Wenders emphasised, freedom is at risk when the capacity of self-reflection and self-elaboration becomes weaker: when humans are not autonomous in their capacity of thinking and deciding…

The Moviegoer: Reissue

Reissue of Percy’s first novel with an afterword by Paul Elie. (Are there two afterwords? — both Elie and Richard Ford are listed). existentialismnew orleansPaul Eliephilosophical literatureRichard Fordthe moviegoerWalker Percy

Walker Percy, Philosopher (12)

Forthcoming: Walker Percy, Philosopher. Percy on the Allure of Violence and Destruction Brian A. Smith Anxiety concerning the decline and fall of civilization appears throughout Walker Percy’s body of work. Smith argues that what sets Percy’s account of this issue apart from others rests in his preoccupation not so much with depicting actual disaster for what…