Christopher Hitchens, born on this day. See Christopher Buckley’s memoir in The New Yorker and Graydon Carter’s in Vanity Fair. While the virtue-signaling, cowardly and intellectually dishonest academic fetishizes white supremacy, they perversely ignore the infinitely larger and more pressing issue, that of Islamofacism. These regressive academics (many of them Jews) fulfill the role of “useful idiots”, functional to cultural Jihad. Whereas Mein Kampf has 7% of its text devoted to Jew hatred, across the Koran (Meccan and Medinan), the Sira and the Hadith, an average of 9.3% of the text is dedicated to Jew hatred, not to mention a total of 31% devoted to Jihad and the practical implementation thereof. Most of these apologists are oblivious (ignorant) to the fact that in the eyes of Islam they are Kafirs (كفّار) and as such are subject to being mocked (Koran 83:34), beheaded (Koran 47:4), plotted against (Koran 86:15), terrorized (Koran 8:12), disgraced (Koran 37:18) and more besides (Koran 3:28, 23:97, 33:61).

His journalism, in which he championed the victims of tyranny and stupidity and “Islamofascism” (his coinage), takes its rightful place on the shelf along with that of his paradigm, Orwell.