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Taleb on EconTalk

Russ Roberts chats with Taleb about his latest book Skin in the Game, my copy due to be in my hands tomorrow.   complexityDecision makingexpertiseintellectual yet idiotNassim Nicholas TalebprobabilityrationalityReligionRiskRuss Robertsskin in the game

Williams: Hume on Religion

The vulgar perhaps need a religion: if so, polytheism may well be better, as doing less harm. The sophisticated may well do without one: the trouble is that the religion they may be tempted to embrace may be even worse than the primitive one. Here also, and in some ways parallel, is a distinction that…

Walker Percy Wednesday 167

In view of the triumphant and generally admirable democratic-technological transformation of society, what is the ground of the novelist’s radical disquiet? Can the charge be brought against him, as Harvey Cox has accused the existentialists, of being an anachronism, one of the remnant of nineteenth-century “cultivated personalities” who, finding no sympathetic hearing from either technician…

Imam Tawhidi on why he believes Palestine is Jewish land

Imam Tawhidi in HuffPost — needless to say the regressive dhimmies will play the “No true Scotsman” card to smear/undermine/dismiss Imam Tawhidi. If we were to briefly review the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict from a political lens, we would come to find that Palestine has always had the chance of being an independent state of their…

The Case for Psychedelics

W. Keith Campbell and Brandon Weiss in Quillette. We argue that the decision to ban therapeutic use of psychedelics was a tragic mistake. Brandon WeissconsciousnessdrugsneurosciencePhilosophy of mindPsychologyReligionspiritualityW. Keith Campbell