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Who commits violent antisemitic attacks in Europe? Hint: it’s not neo-Nazis

Philippe Lemoine’s close-grained analysis on the topic also understood by others such as Melanie Phillips. Along with Douglas Murray’s latest article inevitably all this points to a rather bleak outlook for UK Jewry. My brief thoughts on the matter of the regressive’s complicity with Islamofascism outlined here. NazismChristopher Hitchensregressive leftilliberalismdouglas murrayauthoritarianismJew hatredislamofascismPhilippe LemoineMelanie Phillips


Christopher Hitchens, born on this day. See Christopher Buckley’s memoir in The New Yorker and Graydon Carter’s in Vanity Fair. While the virtue-signaling, cowardly and intellectually dishonest academic fetishizes white supremacy, they perversely ignore the infinitely larger and more pressing issue, that of Islamofacism. These regressive academics (many of them Jews) fulfill the role of “useful idiots”, functional to cultural Jihad. Whereas Mein Kampf has 7% of its…

The Central Scrutinizers

Released on this day in ’79 Zappa’s target was, according to some sources, motivated by the banning of music in revolutionary Iran. The target we do know Zappa had in mind was the ascendancy of the fundamentalist Right of the ’80s and the idiotic PMRC proposal . . . but now the target is more appropriately applicable to the regressive…

Memoirs of an Anti-Semite

I’m pleased to see that Gregor von Rezzori’s Memoirs of an Anti-Semite has been rereleased — well, it was some eight years ago, as I’ve just discovered. Anyway, here is a review piece by Hitch on the reissue from the days when The Atlantic still retained some distinction. anti-SemitismChristopher HitchensGregor von Rezzorimemoirs of an anti-semitephilosophical literature

Neuroscience Is Ruining the Humanities

This in The Chronicle of Higher Education.  Is there a novelist today of whom we can we say, as someone said of Dostoevsky, he “felt thought”? To read Dostoevsky, as Michael Dirda pointed out, is to encounter “souls chafed and lacerated by theories.” Yes, Walker Percy Recent arguments about God or creationism are old hat, despite…