How two incompatible sacred values are driving conflict and confusion in American universities

The ever insightful Jonathan Haidt at SUNY New Palz with the very excellent Eugene Health in the audience and who sits on convened the faculty task force on free speech. An aside: I was once told by an assistant professor climbing the greasy pole of tenure that she didn’t believe the PC-POMO tripe that is the prevailing culture but “played the game” in support of a tenuous career status, invoking any “identity” card that might have some currency and with the usual tick boxes to ingratiate themselves. After several years and eventual acceptance by the cabal who could make “things happen” (make or break), this prof came to become a believer with post-hoc reasoning to justify the cognitive dissonance. This is a sad blow to the teleology of veritism (or TRUTH) given the specific talents and interests of this person. Moreover, it’s sad how this person compromised their moral sensibility. At around 48 mins in JH talks about Taleb’s notion of anti-fragile and discussion of “free range” kids.

Disparate outcomes do not imply disparate treatments