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John Stuart Mill

Born on this day. See Christopher Macleod’s overview in the SEP. Most (if not all) of Mill’s writings freely available here. free speechJohn Stuart MillLiberalismliberty fundon liberty

Automated Liberalism?

H/T Brian Smith. This from the Law & Liberty blog.     Age of EnlightenmentArtificial intelligencebenjamin constantilliberalismJames PoulosJohn Stuart MillLiberalismNetwork ScienceSocial network

Sir Alistair MacFarlane on Michael Oakeshott

Sir Alistair MacFarlane on the significance of Oakeshott in Philosophy Now. I wouldn’t have guessed that the featured portrait painting is of Oakeshott: it is indeed Maurice Cranston. Alistair MacFarlaneexperience and its modesJohn Stuart MillLiberalismLudwig WittgensteinMichael Oakeshotton human conductPhilosophy

Identity Politics or Marx vs. Mill

Here are two of the more sober, clear and nuanced analyses of the current socio-cultural-political shit-storm. The first from one of the few on the Left still retaining some semblance of neuronal activity — Jonathan Rutherford (Ben Cobley is also a very thoughtful and honest commentator). The only thing I take issue with is that progressive politics is NOT liberal —…