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Soul and skin in the game

In a world overpopulated with nth rate punditry (i.e. bad faith public intellectuals) I am of the view that one of the very few who rises above the crowd is Nassim Nicholas Taleb. He is truly independent-minded, not in any ideological or financial pocket, has theoretic/practical credibility and is the most cultivated of men. He cuts…

Taleb on Skin in the Game

Nassim Taleb talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about his recent paper (with Constantine Sandis) on the morality and effectiveness of “skin in the game.” When decision makers have skin in the game–when they share in the costs and benefits of their decisions that might affect others–they are more likely to make prudent decisions than…

Taleb talk

H/T to Fred Morgan for this: Also see UNDERSTANDING IS A POOR SUBSTITUTE FOR CONVEXITY (ANTIFRAGILITY) antifragileBlack SwanconvexityLuckNassim Nicholas Taleb