The left’s version of the Tea Party

Rubin’s show has become one of the leading venues for discussing what he sees as the left’s betrayal of true liberalism . . . “You can’t stay you’re for gay rights but then be OK when certain people throw gays off roofs in the name of religion,” Rubin said. “All religions are a set of ideas. And you have to be able to criticize those sets of ideas.” . . . deeper problems within progressivism—a rising tendency within the left-wing camp that seemed more concerned with tarring its opponents as right-wing freaks than with defending liberal values like secularism and open inquiry.

Write up on Dave Rubin. If you are not a veriphobe and are frustrated with the brazen mendacity of the mainstream media, the political class, and academia, then check out Dave’s You Tube channel. Though Dave is rarely as sharp as his guests he is undeniably deeply committed to liberalism and provides a valuable conduit for the many valid perspectives (genuine diversity of ideas and not shallow plantation identity politics) that the aforementioned virtue signaling veriphobes seek to asphyxiate, ostensibly in the service of liberal values, but which they have only profoundly corroded. Pardon the pun, but the regressive left has been well and truly “trumped” and we are now living, to a great degree, through the consequences of their own making.

“Suddenly Bill Maher, who has stood for every liberal principle ever, who is further left than I am in certain respects—suddenly the onus is on him to prove that he’s not a racist.”