Hayek in Mind: Hayek’s Philosophical Psychology

Call for papers

Hayek in Mind: Hayek’s Philosophical Psychology

Leslie Marsh, Volume Editor

Advances in Austrian Economics

Hayek’s philosophical psychology as set out in his The Sensory Order (1952) has, for the most part, been a neglected work. Social theory, Hayek’s traditional disciplinary constituency, has recently begun to take note and examine its place in the complete Hayek corpus. Despite being lauded by computer scientist grandee Frank Rosenblatt and more recently by neuroscientists Gerald Edelman and Joaquin Fuster, cognitive science (with few exceptions) has yet to discover Hayek’s philosophical psychology. This volume seeks to redress this lacuna by soliciting critical assessments on some aspect(s) of Hayek’s philosophical psychology. Proposals that offer a suggestive deployment of Hayek’s philosophical psychology are also welcome. What makes this volume distinctive is that the editors are seeking submissions that examine Hayek from the perspective of recent philosophy of mind.

Suggested topics include (but is not exhaustive):

Mind-body problem; connectionism; externalism; intentionality; knowing how-knowing that; the frame problem; enactivism; Hayek’s non-Cartesianism; cognitive closure; qualia; the hard vs. the easy problems; Hayek’s Kantianism; functionalism; individuation of mental states; cognitive science as a multi-disciplinary enterprise.

Accepted articles will form chapters in the hardcover book series Advances in Austrian Economics. All articles are subject to double blind review: further details about this series can be found on the publisher’s webpage.

Proposals not exceeding 500 words should be sent to Leslie Marsh by December 15, 2009.