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Qualia on Philosophy TV

Richard Brown (ebullient blogger at Philosophy Sucks!) and Keith Frankish discuss qualia on Philosophy TV. Richard’s dog Frankie chimes in as well.

Swarm Cognition

Check out the latest themed issue of Swarm Intelligence. Here is the freely available introduction. Nice to see the term “cognition” used since I have been using the term in this regard for a few years.

Swarm Intelligence: special issue

The new issue of Swarm Intelligence is now available. The excerpt below from the editors’ introduction – they may not realise it, but it this is as Hayekian as one can get: Swarm Cognition is a novel multidisciplinary approach that encompasses research in neurosciences, cognitive psychology, social ethology and swarm intelligence, with the aim of studying cognition…

Tallis Reviews Ramachandran’s Latest

Via Pete Mandik at Brain Hammer here is a rather snippy review by Raymond Tallis in the WSJ on V. S. Ramachandran’s latest which just yesterday I was leafing through. Is this the opening salvo of a slanging match akin to the APA Eastern Division meeting a few years back with Dennett vs. Bennett and Hacker? The…

Amygdala volume and social network size in humans

Not a deep surprise but still nice to see some empirical work coming through. Check out this brief report just published online in Nature Neuroscience. The upshot: participants with larger amygdalas typically had more people in their social lives and maintained more complex relationships.